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hey there asked this same queston myself to the person i bouht my first corn from and recived the below which i think is quite a handy little guide.

-When they're on single pinks (2-3g), I feed every 4-5 days. (Snake = 4-15g)
-Double pinks (3g x 2) every 4-5 days. (Snake = 16-23g)
-Small fuzzies (5-7g) every 5-6 days. (Snake = 24-30g)
-Regular fuzzies (7-9g) every 5-6 days (Snake = 30-50g)
-Hoppers (9-12g) every 5-6 days (Snake = 51-90g)
-Weaned (14-20g) every 7 days (Snake = 91-170g)
-Adult (24-30g) every 7-x days (Snake = 170+)
-Jumbo Adults (40-50g) every 7-x days (Snake = 400g+)

Note: Adult females are fed more frequently than adult males (especially following brumation). Females are fed every 6-8 days; males are fed every 7-14 days.

This is by no means scientific, and not all corns will cooperate 100% with the schedule. The weight ranges I gave for the prey and snakes are approximate. I'm very consistent in my feedings. Some people feed every Saturday, for example. If they get a refusal, the snake has to wait for the next Saturday to get another shot. I don't do this. If a snake refuses today, he'll get another shot in two days.

Hope this is of some interst to the rest of you out there. Dont think i'll be getting the scales out everytime before feeding but its an intersting guide non the less.

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