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excellent thanks x

i also advise not to use a hide.. but to build up rocks or java woods to form climbing and shade where there is stil heat..

I was once told a baby beardie had to have a hide on t thread from a newbie scared their beardie was hiding in its hide al day not eating or basking....and a mod delted my post saying it could be detremental to the baby as it would hide if it was scared and then go too cool to be active..

im glad theres some sense being made of this now

i also dont bathe my beardies or have a water bowl in all the time

they have fresh blueberries and other types of fruits and vege sprayed with water daily so they intake that way and twice a week i pop a water bowl in for a few hours to allow them to drink if needs be

I only bathe my beardies IF they have managed to get dirty from any poop in their vivs before i have spot cleaned.. but its not a regular occurance

I guess everyone has their own way... and some work whilst some dont..
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