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Unhappy Beardies not eating :(

about a week ago i bought a pair of bearded dragons, both around 4/5 months old. they both move plenty, enjoy basking and enjoy eachothers company. there bowl movements are regular and dont seem abnormal in anyway. however, i cant work out where its coming from because they dont seem to be eating much at all, im offering them mealworms, small crickets, and lots of different kinds of fruit and veg i offer it to them twice a day for half an hour at a time (im trying to get them into a routene). but they only seem to be eating 2/3 crickets a day, if that. all the temps are fine the basking area is around 115f and the warm end is around 85/90f (where they spend most of there time,droping at the cool end to around 70/80f theyv got a hide in the middle, fresh water, sticks to climb and plenty of rocks about the place. there currently on calsium sand, they have a 13w 10.0 uvb lamp which is about 7 inches away from them.
if anyone can help in anyway i would muchly apreciate it. thanks.
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