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When we first got our beardie we were told it may take 1-2 weeks before she started to eat properly.
this mainly was due too the change of vivs and surroundings in general.
And it wasnt far wrong she ate very little for the first week an still has times when she dont eat much.over time we learnt that she doesent mind black crix but really not keen on the brown ones.
As time has pasted (she 6 months now) we learned that the petshop kept her on hoppers til she was 16 weeks when we got her.

well we tried that out and got small hoppers for her and well she went nuts and didnt stop eating after that.she just loves them,we do mix from time too time giving black crix for about a week but she likes what she likes and she on hoppers almost full time now.

When they young dont think they always go for the veg til they ready,ours only the past month or so has really got the taste for it.

im not a pro keeper just going on my own experiences hope it helps.
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