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The only place is Exotics Direct. IMO the premiums are too expensive, with too many exclusions, to make it worthwhile for reptiles. I think people would generally be better off putting aside some money on a regular basis to build up an emergency fund, or if they need a larger sum of money straight away just put it on credit card and then move the balance to a new card every six months or so to ensure you're not paying interest on it (0% balance transfers etc).

Think about it this way; insurance is great when you're talking about such large sums of money that you couldn't get the money in any other way (e.g life insurance cover to pay off a 200K mortgage)..but how much is the average vets bill? Less than 100? Hardly life altering sums of money so what's the point of insuring against it (especially when the premiums aren't much less that the cost of the "disaster" you're insuring against)?
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