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Agreed with above.
I have put Ts in large enclosures only to find they completely ignore most of it. Tarantula, with the exception of mature males, are not nomadic or hunters, they are opportunistic feeders so they lazily sit in their burrow, hide or web waiting for food to arrive.
Too large an enclosure won't create problems however if you furnish it with lots of hiding places for insects then there is the danger of the tarantula not finding its food.
For these reasons I make sure my slings are all kept in small tubs.

300-500 Tarantula, incl. L. parahybana, G. rosea, G. pulchra, A. geniculata, C. cyaneopubescens, P. cambridgei, P. irminia, P. pucher, C. fasciatum, H. robustum, H. sp. Pumpkin Patch, A. Guyana, A. Peru Purple, A. versicolor, B. boehmei, B. emelia, B. smithi, B. vagans, P. formosa, P. miranda, P. metallica, P. ornata, P. pederseni, P. regalis, P. rufilata, P. striata, P. subfusca, P. tigrinawesseli, L. violaceopes, H. incei
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