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Post Help With Cornsnake Not Feeding

I am new to keeping snakes, i have brought a 4 year old male corn snake, A very well behaved snake, but i am having some troubles with his feeding. I have had him for over a month now, and in that time he has only eaten 2 fuzzys, as i tryed him on medium/large mice and he wouldnt eat them. He doesnt strike feed at all, But over the last 2-3 weeks he hasnt eaten anything, (he isnt coming up for a shed). But whatever i seem to put in his viv he doesnt eat?.. The ones that he did eat, one i covered with the smell of mouse substrate, and the other i covered with the smell of rat substrate, and on both occassions he ate them during the night, after being left on the heat mat. I have also tryed heating them slightly, and slowly shaking infront of him, but he didnt take it, and today i have just tryed to feed him a fuzzy, warm and with the head peirced, so i am hopeing he will will eat it, if he doesnt eat it, (i will let people know) but does anyone else have any ideas that will help me to feed my fussy snake?.
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