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Default Sealant help for fake rock background

I've been lookin around for a straight answer to this common question but i cant seem to find one. Im in the middle of building a simple polystyrene background for my geckos. just a back wall with ledges etc. im in the grouting process at the min but i dont have a clue what to seal it all with. i thought itd be easy to find something in B&Q but the sealant i found was for doing edges, in a tube to be used with those gun things (see how technical i am!!) n not animal friendly. pva glue ive heard goes white and patchy when wet. Is there anythin else i can use. mayb a specific type of varnish? I get lost in B&Q, so much stuff lol so if u can tell me wot im supposed to be looking for ud be amazing thanks
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