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Originally Posted by snaillover99 View Post
Does the snail smell bad? also does he feel firm to the touch, not as, erm, squisy as the others. If you *gently* poke the snail with a clean cocktail stick is there any miovement? Keep the little guy warm, and give regular baths with warm water, and put him on a piece of lettuce in his tank so if he wakes up he will not have to move to eat. Let us know how he gets on.
yes he is quite firm if you know what i mean and no if gently poked he does not move,, he is very deep into his shell now but no sign of a covering over the entrance of the shell ,

i have been giving him a warm daily bath and he has lots of food around him , they do have a rainforest heat mat and temp and humidity are all ok, the other 2 are very active eating well ect
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