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Many of these plants are are fine for reptiles that don't eat them. For those that don't eat them, you have to be wary of the plants that have toxins that can cause skin reactions,allergies, my wife, for example, gets a rash from the Christmas tree but I don't.

On the list, these are the ones that say, causes dermatitis, this is not a dermatitis like blister disease or scale rot, which are infections. So remove the plant and the rash goes.
All of the ficus family are a bit toxic but only if eaten, I've had ficus in all my vivs for about 25 years and never seen a problem, had frogs on the back of rubber plant leaves and their skins are susceptible to toxins.

The flag Iris sap is toxic but ponds are sometimes surrounded by it and the aquatic life is not effected.

Many thanks for the list.
cheers arthur.
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