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Default im new - Water Dragons

Hi all,

i have been wanting to own water dragons for years but due to living in a small place i really had no space for a viv an thought it unfair to have them in a small viv, but now i have moved house into a much bigger bungalow i have plenty of space for them.

my local vet has sorted me out with a custom made wooden viv which matches the sideboard its on perfectly - i think its 4ft high - 4ft wide - 3ft deep (ish) and im now looking at the bits to go in.

it has a fitted heat lamp built in, i have ordered the day & night timer / thermometer, UV light etc but i was wondering what else people think would be nice for them, i have not yet purchased the dragons as i want to make sure everythings ready for them before i pick them up.

the pet shop has said about things like misters / water falls / toys / sands etc but i wondered what people think of them, as i have read some storys about the heat rocks failing and burning the lizards.

if anyone can recommend items it would be great, ideally & if possible can you add a picture of the item so i can have an idea what it looks like.

the viv is fairly big so i know its going to cost a fair bit to kit out properly, but money isnt an issue as i want them to have a good life.

im planning on 1 male 2 females, just in case this effects what i can/cant have.

thanks all.

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