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This list may have some value, but be careful who compiled it and for what purpose. It certainly isn't a "LIST OF TOXIC PLANTS" with the implication that you shouldn't use these plants 'cos they are toxic. I know the OP had a disclaimer at the front but I think it's still misleading

If all those plants are toxic I'd be dead. So would all my animals.

> APPLES (Malus spp.); seeds; plant is cyanogenetic.
> EUROPEAN BEECH (Fagus sylvatica); seeds; gastrointestinal tract
> affected by saponins.
> OAKS (Quercus spp); buds, leaves; oak tannin causes gastritis and
> nephritis.

I had apple wood branches in with my snakes for years. Beech is fine too. I have oak branches in there now.

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