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im building a 7' tall x 5' wide x 3' deep viv for my 3 CWD's, and as has been said several times already, and cant be itterated enough - bigger is definitely better!! basically look at how much space you have, then work out how much more space you can create, then build something that only just fits lol. and theyll still want it to be bigger!

the minimum you should really make the base is 4' wide by 3' deep, 6' wide by 4' deep is ideal. then height just wants to be as tall as you can possibly build it within your house structure. obviously most houses have a ceiling around the 7.5' mark, mine would have been taller had it not been for the issue of putting screws in the top and bottom when you cant tip the viv on its side or get a hand between the ceiling and the top lol, so i had to make it small enough that i could tip it sideways. id have liked to have gone about 2 feet bigger in every dimension. realistically 7' is as high as most people can go, which means more like 6.75' internal once youve factored in castors underneath and wood thickness, etc.
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