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Red face first time keeping a gecko

hi there i was thinking of buying a leopard gecko as i hear they are good for beginners and they look cool

right now i have a 15 gallon tank to place it in.. i have not bought it yet as i want to do my research first.. there is a few things i need to know first

would you say a 15 gallon tank is big enough to house a gecko?
what substrate should i use eg. sand .. ?
is there need for drift wood etc ?
what is the best type of food to feed them?
do they need supplements eg.. calcium supplement?
and just how to generally care for geckos

as i say i am totaly new to this whole gecko keeping right now i keep fish

i plan to buy .. a reptile bulb , drinking bowl , place to hide , heating mats
if you can suggest anything else that would be helpful

OH and could someone explain what,how to mist your tank

help would be much appreciated

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