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WELCOME! not good with gallons xD A viv about 60cmx30cm (length by width) would be suitable for two i would think...
Use newspaper while its young, and when its older use sand if you wish, although there is a risk of impaction taht comes with could also use lino/slate tiles
You could use driftwood for prettiness/hides i suppose...
I feed mine roaches, locusts + mealworms also work, or if your brave or crazy, crickets
They'll need a vitamin supplement and a calcium supplement (sprinkle calcium onto food during the week, and nutrobal during the weekend) i also keep a milk bottle cap of calcium in the viv with them, and they lick that when they want
You'll want 2 hides (one on the hot side and one on the cold side) as well as a moist hide (just cut a hole into a butter box and place some moist sphagman moss/paper towels into it)
You'll want the heat mat to be cover about 1/3-1/2 of the vivarium floor, (hotside) and the other side would be the cold side, this is to allow them to choose which temperature they wanna be at
they are like really low maintanace pets, so just change the newspaper/spot clean when they do a doodoo

thing you'll need to buy
Heat mat + mat stat
You'll not need the bulb...unless you are gonna use it for looking at them

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