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would you say a 15 gallon tank is big enough to house a gecko?

it depends on what size in inches/cm ~ if it measures around 2ftx1ft then yes it's big enough

what substrate should i use eg. sand .. ?

some use playsand but I prefer using non-loose substrates such as tiles, lino, paper etc

is there need for drift wood etc

you can add cleaned drift wood if wanted to decorate

what is the best type of food to feed them?

livefoods such as crix, hoppers, mealworms, roachs ~ I would not advise waxxies as they're too fatty and leo's can get addicted to them ending up obese

do they need supplements eg.. calcium supplement?

yes ~ I have a dish of calcium available at all times then livefood is dusted with calcium during the week and vits at weekends

and just how to generally care for geckos

I have several caresheets on my website here -> SleepyDee Gecko's - Leopard Gecko

i plan to buy .. a reptile bulb , drinking bowl , place to hide , heating mats
if you can suggest anything else that would be helpful

would add at least two hides (hot end and cool end), a moist hide, water dish, heatmat and stat

OH and could someone explain what,how to mist your tank

you don't mist leo's or their tank as too much humidity can cause RI ~ all they need for humidity is a moist hide
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