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Exclamation Help me build a new lizard setup and choose a lizard

I'm going to be getting a 18"x18"x36" Wire screen cage

Next step is I need to find a lizard that I like?

The reason I ask this is because allot of people here have more experience about what types of lizards are available that I might not even seen or heard about? I just wanna make sure I get the right lizard the first time because I do not expect it to die on me for a very long time, so I want to make sure I'm happy with what I get.

I was thinking about getting 5 or 6 Anoles.

But, is there any other lizards that stay under 8" that you think I might like that would work in a cage like this?

Searching around today I found the coolest lizard I have ever seen in my life, the Strophurus taenicauda
Amazing looking lizard. But I heard the price range is up to $1,000 which is far out of my price range.
I would like to stay under $100 for my lizard stock and would like to have 2 to 6 lizards.

The style I like is the reptile Dinosaur look of the anoles, Basilisk and Chinese water dragon.
Does anyone know of a type of lizard that I might like? Maybe something I haven't mentioned?
I would really like a lizard that can not lose his tail, or at least be able to grow it back quickly if it does

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

After I find the lizard I want, I will then start to build the cage setup and fill it with real plants.

I am changing hobby's
I'm just now getting out of the high tech planted fish tank hobby and selling everything I own and buying lizard stuff
I been keeping fish for many years and it's now time to move on.

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