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I been reading up on the lizards mentioned above, I ran across a lizard I think I will have to get.
The Gargoyle Gecko (Rhacodactylus auriculatus)

The look of this lizard and the requirements that are needed seem to match up with what I'm interested in more than the others, along with being able to handle these lizards more easily than the jumpy Day and House Gecko's that I was looking into.

A question I was wondering about is should I get a mercury vapor UVA or UVB light?
I read that they do not need any special lighting, but would the Gecko benefit from this light or would I just be wasting my money on a expensive bulb I don't need? I plan on keeping many live plants in this enclosure.

I was also planing on getting a Red bulb for viewing at night.
In the cage I mention above, how many Watts would I need to have in a 8" dome light sitting on the top of the cage?

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