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That's way I'm choosing which species I want first, then asking what equipment will work best.. I passed on the other lizard because of not being able to handle them as much and the higher humidity requirements.

Gargoyle Gecko's require lower heat and humidity levels then the other lizards I was looking at. That's way I said I passed on those..

Not sure how asking first is going about this all the wrong way? Only thing I have picked out was the screen cage.
The temp in my house stays the correct temp without any heat lights, but the essential UVB rays I asked if the lizard would have any health benefits from it and benefit the live plants. Also, they project UVB up to 6 feet.
Strip lights only penetrate at about a foot and is more suited for aquariums and not cages that are 3+ feet tall.
With that, I would have the option to hang the light from the ceiling and keep the benefits of the UV

Zoo Med UVB bulbs go as low as 100 watts from what I have seen so far.

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