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Originally Posted by Morgan Freeman View Post
It's UVA plants need right? I use a strip bulb for my 2ft tall viv and it works fine.

You're obviously going to struggle with humidity with the mesh, what humidity level is your room at already?
Not sure what plants really need, I tried checking online, but it seems like the plants only need regular light or fluorescent lighting to grow well. So if the lizard will not benefit from UVB lighting at all, I could just go with regular light.
I haven't checked the humidity levels in my room, after I sell the fish I have, I will be taking the next step and buy the humidity gauges.

I still need to sell these fish and the rest of my equipment before I start buying what is needed. I want to build on paper first to see what is needed so I will be ready when it's time to buy. Also, I will be doing mist testing so see what is needed to keep the proper levels of heat and humidity.
Does anyone know how much plants add to the humidity levels in screen cages?
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