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Originally Posted by Xenon View Post
For everyone that says to take your beardie out,and to not feed on sand,

What do the animals do in the wild!!!

Out in the desert they feed on sand and dont suffer impaction.

One thing i would say, i keep my beardies on sand (Touch wood they are fine!)

lol, how do you know a dragon doesn't suffer from impaction in the wild? there probably are many cases of this in the wild, but because it's in the wild, probably not alot recorded. but still.
as the dragon will be young, it will be better feeding outside the vivarium, it's quicker saves getting the crickets out at night, easier and safer.
i use like a big toy box, with newspaper at the bottom so my dragon can grip better to hunt, it's big enough that he can chase the crickets inside it, the crickets can't escape because they can't climb up plastic.
when he's older you can feed him inside the vivarium, but because it's young they're terrible hunters so would probably get a mouthful of sand xD

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