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Originally Posted by moomoo View Post
Hi there,

Hope you are all well. I have many years experience in keeping amphibians (axolotls), but now would like to get a lizard as a pet. I'm a newbie to lizard keeping, so would like to know some suggestions.Am looking for a medium-sized lizard, which is quite intelligent and doesn't mind being handled, so is 'social', maybe even gets to know me. And if I could take him for a walk in my garden in the summer would be a plus. Have been possibly thinking about a bearded dragon or a monitor of some sort. Friendliness is a must,interesting lizard.

Thanks in advance for your kind replies.
Bearded dragons, ridge-tailed monitors, blue-tongued/schneider's skinks

Whenever a topic like this is started, the lizard that everyone recommends is the Bearded dragon. Pogona vitticeps is currently the most popular lizard in the UK, and not without good reason. Although not as responsive as green iguanas, they are the most responsive lizard the average hobbyist could manage. Also can be fed a pre-prepared diet, but they do need a large vivarium, at least 3 feet long for one beardie and 4 feet long for a couple. And from what I understand, they're expensive-roughly 250 for full set-up, food, and dragon etc. I think.

Ridge-tailed monitors are not as popular as beardies but their care requirements are almost exactly the same. They aren't as responsive but are lots of fun to keep and can actually make very good beginner's pets. They cost about the same as a beardie too, and need a similar viv. Their appearance is very different, however.

Smaller skinks (e.g. Mabuya species, Occellated skinks) are not as expensive but larger skinks (Blue-tongues, schneider's) can be. If you're looking for something a little more responsive than a skink, a Sudan plated lizard might be a very good choice. They require a 3-4-foot viv like beardies.
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