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Default Rankin or Not ??

Hi all this might sound a really stupid thing to ask but i have had my lizard for over a year now, was bought for me by my son, when he got it from the pet shop which has now closed down !! He was told it was a bearded dragon and that it was 5 weeks old so i got all the info i could set up his new home and he has thrived very well but after a year was still very small even though he was eating as much a my friends adult beardie lol
So went to another pet shop i had been using for some time to buy his live food from and was told by the owner who has sold lizards for many years that she thought he was a Rankins Dragon now i found on the internet another breed which was the Vittikins now i'm totaly confused
Can anyone send me pics of a Vittikins and a Rankins so i can compair or just some general info
Many Thanks
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