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So, I distributed my pot of 10,000 hypoaspis through the infected stack of boa vivs last night (Fortunately my python and colubrid stacks are clear). Hoping they will be busily working their magic already.

I really can't believe I've got mites - it's been so many years since I was hit with these buggers, and I'd forgotten what an utter pain in the a*se they are. It's hideous seeing them crawling over your snakes.

They definitely came in on the animal I collected at Maidstone in April. Did anyone else get problems with stuff they picked up there? I'm not blaming the breeder - it might not have been his stuff that was infected, it could have come in from a neighbouring table.

One thing I've noticed is that it was possible for me to all but eliminate the mites from all vivs apart from the bottom one in the stack, as I can't get the glass out of that one. As such, I think the runners are acting as a nursery for the little sh*ts.

I wish I hadn't persisted with Mite-Off for more than a month - what a waste of time that stuff is.

Anyway, I'm giving these hypoaspis four days to make a visible difference, and if things haven't improved my backup strategy is coming into play -nice big can of Ardap.
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