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Originally Posted by scotty110788 View Post
depends on size, they usually cost about 2-3 quid, depends on size
2-3 quid Think you need to start shopping around my friend. 47p for the biggest sized mice, and rats you wont need more than mediums for adult royals 78p
A & N Frozen Reptile Foods but you have to buy in bulk to get these kind of prices, in your local rep shop they will be more expensive.

To the OP, I have seen a few posts from yourself now and while questions are good you really could do with sitting down with the ball python manual which is available on amazon as it covers a lot of what you are asking in great detail. Then come back for the extra bits you need clarifcation on. You really should spend some time researching before buying a royal as they can at times be awkward little sods and I wouldnt want you to accidentally end up with a nightmare royal by not finding out about the good and bad sources, and what to look for in a healthy royal.
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