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Default ceramic heating advice?

hi this is a newbie question so im in the newbie place.

if say i have a 60 watt ceramic heater and i put the thermostat probe at one end to reach say 80F and the enclosure is too big (6x3x3)for example will the ceramic be on 24/7 and still not reach the temperature because of the wattage?

also if i have a higger wattage say 250 watts for only a 3x2x2 and i set the thermostat for 80F does this mean it will be on for less time or that it wont use all of the 250 watts only a small amount of the watt.

basically my crazy question is if i sue a under watt will it work non stop and still manage to get it or not, or will a higger watt not use as much watts as it says?

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