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Originally Posted by moomoo View Post
Oh wow! So many replies, and so many different suggestions. Many thanks for them all!

Sorry to be a pain, but can you tell me if any of them actually get to know you , and come to say 'hello',when they see you. Even know some funny tricks? And yes, I know, they are not dogs,haha.

And that walk in teh garden would be important, so I am looking for a lizard that won't get easily ill, what with all the new things and bacterias in the garden..??

Looking forward to you replies again, as I still can't make up my mind... Thanks
You mentioned you wanted a monitor. Ackies (ridge tailed monitors) grow to 24 inches long (max) and only require 4 ft of viv length, 3 at a push.

No lizard is affectionate in the same way as dogs are. At best, they tolerate handling and seem to enjoy it, but they don't need to 'snuggle' like dogs, they'll come to you for warmth, because you are something to climb, and because they trust you as the one who gives them food.

But as much as you can say any lizard is 'affectionate', our Ackie is as 'friendly' as you can get. He seems to love being handled, he's very relaxed indeed, and will never bite. He's thoroughly active, always bounding around his viv and it's great to watch him chase crickets.

I'm not that into Beardies, but they are a good option, if you like that sort of thing. Ackies are more unique imho.
Originally Posted by Repta View Post
Incy attention and massive boob type structures.
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