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Smile Sorry For Your Lose

Originally Posted by James & Amy View Post
Hi all

Got my first beardie last week, and was worried to start with as he gut loaded when we first got him, but since he didnt want any food, the bloke at the pet shop said that this was normal and nothing to worry about, he also said that he'd start eating again within a few days.

He ate a couple of crickets and meal worms on friday, but since then he has ate spreadically, and isnt interested in the crickets offered to him since.

He is about 4 - 5 weeks of age, is there any tips that people might be able to offer us to try and start to get him into a decent routine.

He is fairly active throughout the day, and gets plenty of light, heat and important UV, and isnt overheating, as far as we can tell, so we are just a little stumped, and in everything we have read, this scenario is never fully explained.

Kind regards

James & Amy
HI, first of all sorry to hear about your lose, but what i would like to say on that subject is that a pet shop/exotic supplier should not be selling beardies at that young of an age i personally found it ing amazing that someone would sell one so young. R.I.P our little friend.
Its nice to here your having more luck with this one and i hope all goes well for you and you get as much enjoyment out of your beardie as i have so for had out of mine
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