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Default 3.5" 18 month old Spur thighed Tortoise help!

Hi Guys,

Me and my friend both brought a tortoise a week ago we notice that they havnt eaten much and were worried we have spoken to vets & the seller and they think that its okay for them not to eat for a week?? ( i refer to Him as a Him although we have no idead what Sex he is yet due to his small age.

Now my friends tortoise has sadly passed away 2 hrs ago the seller is away and im scared to death im gonna loose my tortoise!

It has no runny nose, eyes etc looks very healthy up untill yesterday has been very active in his Vivarium, we have the necc heat lamp & lights and i have been letting him roam the garden by my side for approx 2 hrs aday when its been verry sunny although he has chosen to go straight to the shade? Ive offered him Dandlians, rose petals, Cucumber, tomatoes, lettice i have to put him in his water bowl as he dont seem to want to try and get in and ive seen him drink although a few times water has appeared to come out of his nose.

My friends tortoise head went into its shell futher that she had ever seen before and his shell felt warm she suspected it had passed and tried placing him into warm water but he has not moved for 3 hrs so she has decided he must of passed she is devistated and we dont know what could of gone wrong.

When we went to see them both they are siblings were from a 26yr old spur thighted mother mine was more active than hers at the time but now mine is heading the same direction i really dont want him to die anyone with any help or sugestions please i would be very greatful x

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