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Default I read a lot...I change my mind. YOUR thoughts most welcome...long post alert!

Hello all and thanking you muchly for the advice given so far.

Some of you (though I doubt many as this is one big forum!) may have read my previous thread with regards to lizards and living in Thailand. To save anybody having to look it up, I was originally thinking "native Thai dwelling lizard that could roam as free as possible"...I then thought Iguana because I feel so sorry for those big guys stuck in crates at the weekend market here in Bangkok...

I am not stupid enough to buy/acquire on any whim however and have read, read, read.

I have concluded that I don't want to go try "trap" any wild lizard.
I have concluded that though I'd LOVE to go save one of those trapped already (in crates at the market) Iguanas the sad reality is that they will be replaced by another wild caught beauty as soon as I home one and such powerful lizards are probably not the best for a beginner with children.
I THEN concluded that there was no way to keep lizards here that weren't wild caught and resulted in financing a cruel market (in my book - people are welcome to disagree but that is my personal view - I have a high sofa, disagree and I can go hide in a second!!!)

Any-ho!! Decided that "fair play traded lizard pets" and Thailand didn't muchly mix...and sat back to watch the fast little geckos adorning my home...

THEN I met a Thai chap (he does an after school club in Art that my children attend) with a bearded dragon. I know this lovely little lass to be a bearded dragon as I initially (having read about wild animals being caught and sold in Thailand!) pointed at said lizard and inquired: "You catch?" to which he replied "Mai, mai, mai!..." (mai=no) "...she bearded dragon. She Australia mai Thailand. She no catch. No allowed bring bearded dragon to Thailand anymore. No allowed. Allowed to breed baby no wild in Thailand only - she pregnant, she will have baby. I have shop only bearded dragon...very friendly!" (make of that what you will - I took it to mean that he deals in captive bred bearded dragons.)...He THEN proceeded to take said lizard from it's enclsure and give her to me...AHHHHH!!!!! I'm in love! HOW FRIENDLY WAS SHE??????? He then continued with (again, translate as you see fit - I'm always guessing meaning!): "She very friendly and she have baby. I sell many colour. She only brown. Dragon like Thai sun but careful in Thailand as no Australia. If you want I can show - you need special to keep good healthy. I can show how make strong happy."


Whatever does he mean "pregnant"? - Don't reptiles lay eggs??? Does he mean that she is yet to lay eggs that he anticipates?

"Many colour"??? - anybody care to explain?

DOES THIS CHAP SOUND AS THOUGH HE KNOWS WHAT HE'S TALKING ABOUT OR IS HE TRYING TO TAKE THE MICKEY??? - reptile knowledgable people's opinion GREATLY trusted on that one.


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