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Originally Posted by jasono View Post
Thanks for the help , i understand their kinda expensive to look after but my mum has sayd she's willing to spend alot of money to get the beardie a beutifal home
Now, I note that you're Welsh and I'm liking meeting another "Cymro" online so please don't take this the wrong way...HOWEVER (Sorry!)...

WHY the haste??? I currently live in Thailand and have lizards in my bathroom/bedroom etc. - love seeing them but not tame. Know what I'm doing? (and a month is nothing - I intend reading and checking until at least September as I intend having NOOOOOO dead/unhappy/ill lizard because I got it wrong thanking ye very muchly!!!) I'm asking here and educating myself in my million questions. (THANKS ALL!!!)

You have all the time in the world to rush and make mistakes...the same time could be taken in trying to prevent mistakes...Just a thought...

Pob lwc,

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