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Originally Posted by Cacidy View Post
Hi, I'm new around here lol

I've been doing some reptile 'research' for a while now and I've decided that I want a bearded dragon - common I've read but a great starter too. Plus all them little spikes, they are too cute!

I've researced his habitat and what not, his diet and all the rest. The only thing I cant seem to find the answer to, or maybe get my head around is this...

At night, once I've turned his (I'm presuming I'll get a boy) lights off, what is the minimum temperature the vivarium can fall to? In winter our house gets really cold at night, dropping to below 15 celcius. I'm guessing that this would be too cold and I'd have to provide some overnight heating for the boy?

While I'm at it, I'm also not getting the humidity 'thing'. I've read that the humidity should be at around 60% - how do I achieve this. Is it just a combination of misting and lights or has a water bowl got anything to do with it as well?

Thanks in advance, for any advice
You can use heat mats and infrared bulbs to keep temperatures up during the nighttime. Wire them up to a thermostat and ensure that the tank remains at 18-20C (64.5-68F). By the way, night should last about 12-14 hours. Actually, humidity isn't that important to beardies and misting might raise the humidity too high, even if its only for a short period of time. 50% humidity-apparantley the ideal level-can be maintained by spraying, say, a single wall of the enclosure as necessary.
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