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Whatever does he mean "pregnant"? - Don't reptiles lay eggs??? Does he mean that she is yet to lay eggs that he anticipates? I think he means she's about to lay eggs.

"Many colour"??? - anybody care to explain? Maybe he's on about colour morphs?

DOES THIS CHAP SOUND AS THOUGH HE KNOWS WHAT HE'S TALKING ABOUT OR IS HE TRYING TO TAKE THE MICKEY??? - reptile knowledgable people's opinion GREATLY trusted on that one. Sounds like he knows a bit. When he said "Hot and Cld" I think hes talking about temperature gradients, when he said "Special Crickets"-well, thats a bit obvious he was talking about having to buy crix available for lizards. But then again he could be taking the mickey, cause some of those mistakes could have been to take the mickey...
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