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Default what size viv for corn snakes ?

Hi all i need some help with what size viv to put some new arrivals in and although i am use to keeping geckos i have no idea with snakes !

i have been given 3 corn snake which are about 4 years old and are in a 90 cm long x 30 cm deep x 45 cm high viv i want to move them into a 60 cm long x 45 cm deep x 60 cm high exo terra.

i know this would lose 30 cm in the length but by my reckoning moving them into the exo terra would give them the same floor space using the calculation 90 x 30 = 2700 for the old viv and for the new exo 60 x 45 = 2700

any help would be v much appreciated ! this is also my first post on here hope it in the right place !?

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