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Default Help, new with Lobsteer Roaches.

Google found this site in my search for Lobster Roach forum. I'm a bit doubtful I'm in the right place, but here I go. This is about dying roaches.

Two weeks ago I received a batch of Lobsters. There were about 100 adults, plus 200 tiny ones. I found out they like it hot, so I have them in a spacious tank with a wooden lid and a CHE. The warmest spot in the cage is probably 95 - 100 F. The tank is propped up at one end so the bottom is sloped, and I keep about 3 mm of water at the low end. When the roaches approach the water, they first encounter water that is 0.5 mm deep at the shallow end. They can wade in to a depth of about 4 mm, but they do not. I keep the extra water (keep the tank that steeply inclined; 3/4 inch high at one end of a 30 inch long tank)) for a water source for evaporative humidification, if you know what I mean. If I add less water, it evaporates away pretty quickly. I use a 100 watt CHE hung right in the middle of the tank, with the sensor about a foot away; The thermostat is set at 85F, which is actually higher right under he heater.

They are not supposed to stink, right? Well mine do. I suspect the smell is from dying roaches, not rotting ones. I keep the tank clean. Hey, I can't even keep the easiest insects in the world :-( Because of the odor, I can't have company over right now until this is solved. I'm sure my brain has adjusted to the odor, so i can't detect the low intensity odor in my house until I take the lid off the tank. I sift through the roaches every day to remove the dead and drowned (they drown in 1/4 inch of water, that puzzles me). Every day about seven die. With their long lifespans I would not expect that.

They have a bit of every kind of food from a deli sandwich: lettuce, thinly sliced beef, cheese, and bread, fresh every day. No mayonnaise or other condiments. I don't see them clustering around their food. They might be starving. I don't see them flocking to the water, they might be dying of thirst. Today I'm going to get a tin of cat food and add a teaspoon of that to their other food.

I'm sure I'm doing something wrong. Can you help me? Should I wrap the tank in black paper to keep out daylight?

Roger the Bewildered
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