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Originally Posted by Cacidy View Post
Thanks for all that! I apologise if I'm asking too many questions or repeating things, however I want to make sure my little mans house if perfect and I know exactly what I'm doing before I go and get him!

I went back to look for the page that I had read about the humidity. I can't find it so I either misread, misunderstood or dreamed it up lol

Whilst I've been reading up on various websites, I've also been around various pet shops in search of information. I've been told by one pet shop to spray the dragon as well as the sides of the vivarium? Are you saying that this should never be done, or giving him an occassional spritz is OK? Same for the viv?

I find that if you spritz them they don't mind occasionally i only do it whilst they are shedding.

I've taken note about letting them have a splash about in a shallow basin, also to give him a gentle scrub with a soft toothbrush if he has any bits stuck to him. What is your opinion on that - good idea, not so good idea?

Thats ok but be careful

That's my main issue dealt with, ta

Duly noted! It seems to be the general consensus and by all accounts a big NO NO.

Heating underneath the tank just can not be felt by them as well as above. I find that if you use a heat mat to help control night temps is ok if stated. But always ensure its under the viv

One last (well, probably not last) thing - what is the recommended age to get them at?
Well lets put it this way my 4yo plays and helps clean, feed and generally care for ours.
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