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While we're at it, i'd like tsome of the finer details of building stuff like this!
I've just ordered 25 sheets of polystyrene!!! My leos are going to get one made for them.
Questions:1- Does it mater what kind of grout I use? (which would be best?)
2- How many layers of grout do i need to put on and why?
3- What kind of paint is best, and does it need to be mixed in the last layer of grout?
4- What do I seal the whole thing with eventually? (Or would there be any need for this if the paint was mixed in the grout?)
5- Do I need to grout all the way around the polystyrene? I.E the bottom, or is it enough to leave the bottom and sides bare? (as this will be touching the side of the viv) (I think I also could have asked - how much does grouting affect the measurements?!!! - How thick will all the layers be?!)
6-As part of the rock thingy I want to make, I want to incorporate a moist hide complete with a lid for some moss - is this okay to do, or will the constant moisture affect the structure in any way?

Sorry for hijacking the thread, but I'm sure you will also find the answers to these questions useful. Thanks in advance, Ben
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