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i had the same problem with my first clutch of leo eggs...

the problem is, too little humidity and your eggs will dent, as you said...

and too much humidity and the eggs may go moldy, to stop them goin moldy, you need to make sure you get no water directly on the eggs, for example, water dripping down from the lid of the incubator...

if your eggs do dent, you can try getting a damp bit of kitchen towl, and laying it over the dent to draw the dent out (be careful with how wet you get the kitchen towl, again, not too wet)

i found the best way to do it is to get a small live food tub, full it half way with damp vermiculite, make a small thumb size dent in the vermiculite for each egg, and then just place the lid on, that way when you want to have a quick look, you can disturb the eggs as little as possible...

hope that helped a bit

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