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Default Can anyone recommend a lizard?

Ive been interested in lizards for a couple of years now, but the chances are I wont be getting a lizard for another year or so. However, I'm always hopeful and I know theres lots to be learned about reptile-keeping, so...

Anyway, what I would really like is a small lizard that could fit in a 2-foot long, 1 foot wide and up to 2 foot high vivarium (preferably a gecko (but not a leo) as these are my favourites) and is nice and easy to care for. A handle-friendly lizard would be a great bonus but its not an essential. I was looking into velvet geckos as they are charming and handle-friendly.

Can anyone recommend a good lizard? Note that I'm a complete newbie to reptile-keeping and I dont have the space for a beardie.
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