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Default Just had a spending spree

Just spent atleast 100 at Conway Water Gardens haha :p got myself

2 Bowls for CGD
1 Water bowl for my youngest crestie
Cork Bark
New hygrometers x2
2 tubs of crickets
2 new koi for my pond
koi food
lily padsx2
Weird pond grass thingy
and general stuff for the pond really

But was disgusted at some peoples animal care - a woman came up to me and asked if she needed a heat lamp for her tortoise, she's been keeping it for 3 months on a heatmat >.> and she feeds it too much fruit for a horsefield.

and quote of the day from some guy who saw me carrying a box of crix 'Who the f keeps flies?!' absolute idiot.

all in all been a good day and made friends with a water dragon that followed my every move
1.0 Reticulated Python
1.1 Diamond Jaguar Carpet Pythons
2.5 Western Hognose
1.0 Lemonblast Royal

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