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Originally Posted by pipster View Post
wow not a good answer my beardie is about 7 months old and is 18' with tail so if you got one you would need a new viv pretty soon
yeah have to agree my fiance has a juvie beardie and he is already in his 4 ft tank as we find they are very active (well are's is anyway). If you were to put beardies in it i would suggest plenty of levels so they can climb and have more space. But as i notice you said no to a beardie so would prob suggest hmm thinking ..... mourning geckos as they are tiny leo's erm or if you fancy going into snake maybe a small bread of corn snake. But TBH would search up on adult sizes of reptiles as the worst thing you can do is buy a small lizard for it to turn into a beast and have to get rid or make it suffer in a small tank
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