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Default Royal Python housing sizes

I've recently been putting together a list of all of the equipment I'm gonna need to get for my first snake (a royal python, will be buying around august/september (hopefully)), but I'm still a little unsure in regard to housing. Yup, I'm a totally newbie

Can anyone tell me roughly what sizes should be used at key ages of a 'normal' royal python. (as in, at what age should the size be increased, and to what, if that makes sense) (ps, I'm aware that things like this will probably depend on the individual snake, but a guideline is always nice to have)

I was gonna use increasing sizes of RUB when its young, and then upgrade to a proper wooden viv when its fully grown, I assume thats a good way to go about it, but correct me if I'm wrong.

Thanks in advance to anyone that can help

(ps, sorry if theres already a thread about this i may have missed)
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