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Originally Posted by Sharon Haggag View Post
Can anyone help ? We live in Egypt and we have just rescued (about 2 weeks ago) a tortoise from a street vendor .He was in a pretty bad way his back legs werent working very well and he was so messed up and smelly .We put him in water and cleaned off all the gunge it took 6 lots of water !! We have been giving him corriander ,cantalope melon,cucumber,celery leaves,lettuce,salad peppers,apples,grapes,apricots,shredded carrot and broccoli. Does he need water as every time I put it down he isnt interested and knocks it over!!Ive looked on tortoise sites and people say to feed them on wild plants like dandelions etc the problem is there are no dandelions here ( its desert here ! ) and the weeds here are not the ones like in England so I dont know if they are poisonous or not for him.I tried hibiscus flowers and honey suckle flowers he just turned his nose up at them.I need a good nutritious food for him to help him become healthy as I think he hasnt had a proprer diet for a very long time if ever. I asked my mum to bring some tortoise vitamin powder over with her but thats not until September.Good news is he is walking around now and he is using his legs now .We have made an open box for him with shredded paper for bedding he can walk in and out of it and it gives him shade in the day he has the freedom of a very large balcony .DO we need to put a sand tray in for him ?I cant put him in the garden as there is no grass down yet and there are wild cats here.Also we have a swimming pool can tortoises climb steps ??
So thats the story I need advice and help as I have no knowledge on tortoises at all thank you

just to say .. swimming pool. you do know that tortoises cant swim a shallow bowl is required .

if the water is over his head he can drown ( die )

but well done for takeing him in.

bet he willl make a nice pet 4 u
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