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Originally Posted by James Rowe View Post
Hey all, i'm picking up two 6 week old bearded dragons on wednesday. I have got the viv all decorated and set up, i'm just a bit confused on the heating and lighting. At the moment i've got a thermo control proII, 75W Exo Terra SunGlo Tight Beam bulb and a Arcadia D3+ 12% rept lamp 18W. Just wondered if these will be ok or will i have to buy anything else?

Thanks in advance,

I hope you have a spare viv set up, in case they don't get on or there dominance issues.

Are you intending on breading? Are they both from the same clutch? if so you won't be able to breed them.

What are your temps?

Post a pic or two of your setup(s), so people can give you some better advice.

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