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Default Bearded Dragons, Mountain Horned Dragons and questions!

Hi all.

Just this weekend started looking at Lizards as a new pet. I originally looked around at Bearded Dragons and Yemen Chameleons but have now ruled out chameleons as I understand they aren't that keen on being handled.

Bearded Dragons are awesome and I've wanted one for some time, however I see most places state you need a minimum of a 4ft vivarium, and the space I have to put a viv is only 3ft (and thats pushing it tbh.) However, I've noted a couple of caresheets/websites which say although minimum, 3ft for one Dragon is acceptable. What are your thoughts on this?

The other option, as I found out yesterday, is a Mountain Horned Dragon. I was introduced to one yesterday and he was very cool, like a mini Bearded Dragon, but obviously, er.. hornier! :p

I understand these don't need as much in terms of width of vivarium so might fit more comfortably. I've also read contradicting info about needing ceramic heaters and basking lamps for a MHD so if anyone can shed some light that'd be great

Short version: I'd like a Beardie, but if I can't house one acceptably, I'd like a MHD, but have some questions!

Thanks in advance
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