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Default Gold Dust Day Gecko Advice please...

Hey guys I am just starting out with Geckos and for years I have wanted a Gold Dust Day Gecko for years and I am in a position in life where I can get one, I have done allot of research and have found some items that I think and know I need to buy but would like some advice to make sure these are right and i am not getting ripped off or overspend and find out I donít need some items.

First I have seen this and I really like it but is it any good for the Gecko I want to get a small Exo Terra Rainforest Habitat Kit from swell reptiles

I was also going to get some other bits that I think I need for it. Such as a fogger, as they look amazing and I think it would help me as I work odd hours and I am not always around for fogging to help get the humidity up. On the back of this I have read different care sheets and some say fog/mist 3 times a day and some say 7 times, and then others state that to much will cause health issues. So any good care info or some good care sheets would be cool

Next, bulbs and heating:
Well the Exo Terra Rainforest Habitat Kit is a starter kit but does not include the bulbs and I am not sure what to get for the Gecko, as I know that it will need vitamin D3 but what bulb do I use? I am also thinking about this light controller for day and night time settings, is it any good and do I need it? With the starter kit I am buying! I have also seen a heat mat and I donít know if this is good or bad. Some sites say good and some say bad, any advice on heat mats would be cool..

I plan on getting an incubation box for times when I need to do a full clean and just in case I get a female and she has eggs!

Also if anyone in the Newcastle area has a Gold Dust Day Female Gecko for sale I would like to know more please.

Aloha and thanks
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