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here is a basic list for most day gecko species;

Viv - for gold sust I would say a 30/30/45 exo terra
substrate - peat/moss/leaf litter/coco substrate or a mixture of them all - you only need a few cm of substrate
various plants fake or real but real ones help hold the humidity
branches/cork bark tubes/bamboo tubes (these are the best) both running vertical and horizintal
heating from spot light as they like to bask. You DO NOT need a heat mat aswell unless in winter to keep night time temps up. A 40w spot bulb in ballast should be fine in this size viv but ALL HEATING ELEMENTS MUST BE USED WITH A THERMOSTAT
misting bottle - mist often throughout the day to gain around 80% humidity
fogger is optional and must be used with great care

Viv can be naturalistic or very plain
some examples in google day gecko viv - Google Image Search
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