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Originally Posted by Surferdude09 View Post
OK dude this sounds stupid but what's a ballast for the bulb, is it the housing or wire!
I have found this bulb will it do for the spot bulb, and do need a housing or stand for this? does it go inside or outside the enclosure? Also the starter kit has no lights with it, do I need neon style or just normal, do the screw in or what!

Sorry for the questions
y'know light bulbs in your house... you screw them in to a ballast. That's what that bit's called. Get it?

The ballast is normally screwed to the top of the vivarium but with yur chosen housing you should be able to get one a hook in the top to hang the ballast from.

Yes that's a spot bulb and it's fine. This is a ballast for it:

as long as you only use the 40w bulb then you can use a mat thermostat
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