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Originally Posted by Shamperz View Post
Dont everyone bite my head off but I think it could have been better. Dont get me wrong, it was great to see such huge amounts of reps but i thought it was less of a show and more of a car boot for reps.

I was hoping too see more fully grown adult specimins. The vast majority were babies to sell but if you dont know your reps you might not know how big things are gonna get.
Cant help thinking so many people would have come away with a cute baby and not realising how to look after them or appreciate how big they will get.

Still, very much in awe of the amount of reps. I think im just a bit bitter as im so skint and couldnt get anything.

i agree was a bit "car booty" me and mi mate were saying it was like going to a really big rep shop lol think it would be better with adult specimins and some rare aswell even if just for show and not sale

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