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Default General Advice For A Royal

Hey all,

Just want to say before I start, cracking website you have here!!

Im basically going to be getting a Royal Python mid July and im really excited about getting it. The shop let me hold both a fully grown (just over 4ft) Royal, and also a Baby, and I need to know a few things....

The shop (Reptile Zone, Bristol) will sell a bundle for 129.99 which includes...

- Royal Python Baby
- Exo Terra Faunarium (
- Heat Mat with Thermostat
- 1 Hide
- A Piece Of Wood
- Water Bowl
- Bag of Substrate

Does this sound good?

I have read that people use 'Rubs' to grow the snakes untill they are large enough for a Viv, but to me, the point of having a snake is so you can look at it and enjoy it, rather than have it in a cloudy box. Would the Faunarium be good to use over a 'Rub' or cluttered Viv?

So basically...

- Cluttered viv, Faunarium or Rub?
- Does the above deal sound good?
- With the Faunarium (Or viv infact...), how do you keep the hot side to the right temp, and the cold side to the right temp? Surley the heat just goes around the whole thing?
- Whats the general price of baby mice (I know it will vary between shops, but just wanted a general idea)
- Any other general advice would be awesome!

Feel free to post pics of your Royals/set-ups!

I've read all about the feeding problems they sometimes have, so im up to speed on that, and most other things to be honest. Im off to Spain on the 5th of July, and im not back till the 16th, so thought it would be best to wait till I get back to get it - Just have to wait I spose!!

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